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Lead Generation Websites

If you're in a business whose success depends upon a steady stream of leads, and it's important to speak with your prospect in order to close a deal, up your game by investing in a website designed to deliver prospects' contact information directly into your email inbox. Call us now so we can design a site that works as hard as you do.

Local Business Listing Setup

Look up almost any local buisness category using an online search engine and you will find that a significant portion of page one of the search engine results page (SERP) is dedicated to local business listings. This is especially true for Google which powers 69% of search results (compared to 26% for Bing). In most cases, between seven and ten spots (a/k/a the "7" or "10 pack") are allocated to local business listings on page one of the SERP. This reality, coupled with an accelerated decline of physical local business directories such as the Yellow Pages, means it's is essential for your business to have an online local business listing in order to be visible to customers who are looking for the products and services you offer.

We can set up your Google+ Local listing (formaly Google Places), Bing, and Yahoo local listings. This will ensure your business is listed in the engines used for 85% of searches.

Claiming your local listing is not simply an exercise in filling in the blanks and hitting the "next" button, escpecially if your business is part of a competitve industry. We will set up your local online listing with the goal of having it place as close to number one as possible using our proprietary on page optimization techniques.  

Local Business Listing Optimization (LBLO) 

Google loves updated, fresh content! Once your online business listings are set up, it is important to keep your listing relevant by publishing promotions, deals, and special event updates within your listing. When you subscribe to our monthly optimization service, we provide those services along with inclusions of your business in new directories, publication of customer reviews, social bookmarking, web 2.0 profile submissions and RSS feed creation and submission. And we'll keep you up to date with monthly reports which will show the rankings of your Google, Yahoo and Bing local listings as well as the exact work that we complete on your behalf. 

Merge-5 Marketing Plan

When you're in business it's important to have a systematic method of keeping in contact with current customers and prospects that can turn into sales later on. Our professionally managed Merge-5 marketing method can help you do just that by using one of today's most direct methods, sms text messaging. But sms is only the beginning. Watch our Merge-5 video to discover how your business can benefit from this unsaturated  method of advertising today. 

Mobile Websites

Let's face it: the world is going mobile! From traditional cell phones, to "smart" phones, to tablets and more, mobile is rapidly becoming a "must" for an ever increasing number of people. They use their devices on the road to discover a new ethnic restaurant for dinner with good reviews, locate a dry cleaner close to the office, or find new manicurist. When they do, are they going to find your business' website fully optimized for easy viewing and navigation on their mobile device? If not, they will move on. Better to have those prospects moving away from your competitors non-mobile optimized site and towards you than the other way around. Call us today for your mobile solution.

Online Reputation Management 

A business can have negative information online for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you have purchased an existing business which had a poor online reputation, or maybe there is inaccurate information about your company online, and now your company name is being tarnished. This is where we may be able to help rebuild your company's reputation online. If you are an individual, company or brand, and you need assistance managing your reputation online, contact us to learn how we can help. 

Pay Per Click (PPC)  

Imagine what it would mean for your business if you could position it on the most valuable piece of real estate there is on the internet: page one of the Google search engine. This first page location is like a busy airport where hungry prospects "land" and "takeoff" when they are looking for direction on where to access the products and services they want. If your website has not made it to page one of Google's unpaid organic search engine results yet, but you still want to access the valuable traffic on that page, the easiest way to get there is through pay per click (PPC) ads.

In order to be successful, a PPC campaign must be cost-effective, focused on keywords buyers would use, have succinct professionally written ad copy, and link through to a highly relevant web page. Campaigns must also be monitored and tweaked over time to reap competitive gains. 

PPC campaigns can be used strategically to establish a greater presence on first search engine results (SERP) even if you already have a website and local business listing on that page. PPC can be used to establish a presence on SERPs where the search terms are so competitive, penetration would otherwise have impossible. It can also be used seasonally or to launch or promote a special product or service. Call us today to learn how we can use the power of PPC to drive traffic to your business fast.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

If capturing the attention of people who are searching online for products or services you offer is important to you, then a search engine optimized website is essential.  A website properly optimized with "buying" key words will put your business in front of customers at the exact time they're ready to purchase. Suppose you own a Ford dealership in Plano Texas. Someone who searches for the  term "2013 car models" is just looking for general information and is not your ideal prospect. A search containing the terms "hybrid car dealers in Plano" is more specific; at least you know the prospect is interested in a hybrid and you may want to include the serach term within your website so that you can begin educating prospects on the different types of hybrid cars you sell. Finally, "2013 Ford Fusion dealers in Plano" is a search term a ready buyer would be most likely to use. The only question remaining is who he'll buy from. With a well optimized website, you'll at least be in the running. Get started by calling us now. We can design a new website for you, or better optimize the one you already have. 

Social Media Services

We harness the power of today's most popular social media platforms to promote your business while at the same time boosting your website SERP rankings. We'll beautifully design your social media pages and set them up. After that, we can market your business on an ongoing basis. Allow us to market your business using Google +, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Blogger, Picasa or Pinterest. We'll work with you to identify your marketing goals, then produce a monthly marketing plan to meet those goals. Monthly reports will be provided to you so you can track the progress and final outcome of your campaigns. Call us today for a consultation and discover why it makes sense for your business to be invested in social media. 

WordPress Website Design 

Whether your website functions as your business, is an expanded business card, or is used as a marketing tool, it's important that it reflects your enterprise in the best possible light. We have a full line of attractive website templates which can be fully customized to meet the needs of your business. Our websites are built on the versatile WordPress platform which makes keeping content up to date a snap. Contact us now for a proposal.