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Merge-5 Marketing Plan

Your ideal prospect is one who is interested in your company’s message. Your ideal customer is the one who has patronized your business at least once. What if you had the ability to reach out to a database of interested prospects and past customers with new and exciting offers that would have them beating the path to your door? What would that mean for your business? It is possible with the Merge-5 integrated marketing plan! Our professionally managed system allows you to communicate with your contacts via five of today’s most effective communication methods: text messaging, email, voice message blasts, instant messages and social media, greatly increasing your opportunity to make more sales. We’ll make sure your customers receive effective marketing messages from you on a regular basis. Lasar target your advertising dollars and messages to prospects and past customers who are eager to to hear what you have to say. Watch the video below, then call us so we can show you how easy it is to get started!